FreeMedForms EMR, Electronic health record manager, is available in version 1.0.0

Éric Maeker, 01 March 2017. Updated 30 Nov 2018.

This post closes nine years of work. Nine long years filled with satisfactions and achievements. Nine years with each of the members of the FreeMedForms community. Everyone has brought his salt, his drop of water into the infinite ocean of open source medical. Pride is immense, humility on the skin, to announce today the first stable version of FreeMedForms EMR: FreeMedForms EMR 1.0.0.

To discover FreeMedForms EMR see this page: this page (in french).

The association (in french) offers its members full support for the stable applications of the FreeMedForms Suite. It also provides a therapeutic basis for calculating drug interactions and alerts for potentially inappropriate medications in geriatrics. To our knowledge, no other IT solution offers this type of functionality in open source.

You can contribute to our effort by making a donation to our association (in french).