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Nouvelle version stable pour FreeMedForms EMR et FreeDiams: 0.8.2

Informations générales

  • Cette version est essentiellement une version de déboggage qui ajoute aussi son lot de nouveautés.
  • Les tests ont été réalisé par des médecins ayant adoptés FreeMedForms dans leur cabinet.
  • Les médecins testeurs estiment que cette version est utilisable en pratique courante.


  • New form items:
    • detailswidget
    • modern date
    • measurement widget (a set of two widgets one for the value, one for the measurement unit)
  • New form item options
    • Rich texteditor
      • can set print duplicata
      • can set papers to use for the print (header, footer, watermark)
      • define the document title (used by the token engine)
    • longtext: allow management of content as plaintext or html
    • Form description allow you to define gender specific forms (see website for doc)
  • New forms
    • Creating a SOAP with biometrics value (weight, height, blood pressure)
    • Lab test prescrition assistant (english/french)
    • Obstetrical calendar (english/french)
  • Refactoring all identity UI
  • Refactoring the
    • User manager
    • User creation wizard
  • Ability to edit agenda day availabilities
  • All applications are compatible with Qt 4.8 & 5.0
  • New languages available (translations undone)
  • Autocompletion of PDF using scripts in forms
  • Adding drug-drug interaction engine report in menu: Help / About databases / Drugs database
  • New plugin: PadTools
    • Better management of tokened templates
    • Specific UI for tokened templates edition

Bug correction

  • FreeMedForms
    • Resolved app crashing when quitting on computer without internet connection
    • Corrected the patient creation and automatic setting to the current one
    • Faster start of the app
    • Episode creation corrected
    • Patient selector corrections
    • Bug report sending improvements
    • Managing state/province in address (using the zipcodes datapacks)
    • Don't show forms with the 'noepsiode' option, show its first children instead
    • Correctly set the taborder in forms
    • Episode view header font were too small on Linux
    • Avoid identity data duplication from one patient to another
    • Improving the debug dialog and the log saving
    • When no patient is selected, disable some modes (that require a current patient to be defined)
    • Removing empty menu in menubar
    • In Form selector preferences, only show Complete forms (no sub-forms)
    • Correctly update allergies when saving the form item drugwidget
    • Relabelling names
      • “Birth Name” is now “Usual Name”
      • “Second Name” is now “Other Names”
      • Warning: you need to update your paper tokens
  • FreeDiams
    • Using the padtools for the posologic sentence edition
    • DDI engine error when detecting some DDI
    • Corrected prescription printing using HTML posologic sentence instead of the non-HTML one
    • Corrected management of tokens with textual drugs
  • FreeAccount
  • FreeToolBox
    • UI update, workflow simplified
    • Datapack server creation (free & non-free)
    • New zipcodes datapack (whole world)
    • Drugs database & datapack automation updated
    • Many bug fixes
  • Installation && configuration / databases
  • PMHx
    • Correcting Pmhx ICD button enabled state when installing the ICD10 datapack
  • Agenda:
    • Adding a manual refreshing of the view
  • DataPack manager
    • Correcting crash when download dialog is cancelled
    • Avoid multi-clicks on toolbar actions
    • Correctly manages versions of available datapacks
    • Improving the view
    • Improving communication with the servers
  • Forms
    • Identity sub-form updated with detaileswidget and a trusted person information
    • New formitems and options available, see the XML form specifications in documentation
    • Updating 'textual prescriptions': print with prescription papers and duplicata
  • Debian specific
  • Under the hood
  • Various unloggued bug corrected

Packaging and documentation

  • Sources
  • Packaging
    • Correction of dependencies for the Debian/Ubuntu package
  • Compilation
  • Documentation
    • Updating the FreeDiams documentation [French section only]
    • Updating the FreeMedForms documentation [French section only]
    • First version of the FreeMedForms documentation

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