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The FreeMedForms project is a high quality medical software suite released in open source. This project is international, free, community driven and totally independent. Since 2008, it brings together volunteer professional (doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, computer specialists, students of all specialties) working to provide modern and well finished applications. The project is available for the following computing platforms: Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Official support by a french non-profit organization

The official support is only procided by a french non-profit organization.

A mailing list, links to social networks and to source repositories are available on theContact page.

Applications of the FreeMedForms project

FreeMedForms EMR FreeDiams FreeAccount FreeDRC FreeDDIManager

FreeMedForms EMR
Electronic medical/health record manager (EMR, EHR)
FreeMedForms EMR is an electronic health/medical records management software. With its high modularity, FreeMedForms EMR is a powerful and highly adaptable software for all needs. It can be used to manage medical records of different medical specialties, para-medical specialties or even veterinary professionals. It can be used in different environments: individuals, group practice, nursing home, nursing home, clinic, hospital … In constant development, since 2008, is supported by a free community. The community ensures safety and robustness. FreeMedForms EMR (as well as the complete software suite) was the subject of several presentations at the LSM (World Meetings of Free Software) 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, also during the National Congress of Geriatrics and doctors EHPAD coordinators 2011 and at the FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting) in 2011.
Pharmaceutical drug prescriber (with ATC management, Drug-Drug interaction and more)
FreeDiams is the FreeMedForms EMR prescriber plugin built in a separate application. FreeDiams is developed by doctors and pharmacists and is intended for use by these same professionals. It can be used alone to prescribe and/or test drug-drug interactions of prescription. It can be linked to any electronic medical record management application. FreeDiams can handle multiple therapeutic databases whose French therapeutic, Canadian, American and South. The database interactions provided by the french non-profit organization provides access to extensive information. FreeDiams was the subject of a full presentation at the LSM (World Meetings of Free Software) in 2011 and at the National Congress of Geriatrics and Medical Coordinators of nursing homes in 2011.

Pharmaceutical drug database manager
FreeDDIManager is a pharmaceutical drugs database managemer. It lets you create and maintain your own database of therapeutic data, including drug-drug interactions, ICD10-drug interactions, potentially inappropriate medications, pregnancy and lactation incompatibilities for example. FreeDDIManager was the subject of a full presentation at the LSM (World Meetings of Free Software) in 2014.

[Only french] Module de comptabilité libérale
[Only french] FreeAccount est le greffon de l'assistant de comptabilité de la suite FreeMedForms construit en une application à part entière. Il permet de saisir rapidement les actes réalisés et de faire une comptabilité complète et rapide.

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News and recent updates

30 August 2016

To celebrate our new website, get ready for the new version 1.0. Version stable du projet FreeMedForms en cours de finalisation : 1.0.0

21 August 2016

Community update : Jérôme Pinguet leaves the FreeMedForms community.
Jérôme Pinguet quitte la communauté FreeMedForms

21 August 2016

Updating online donation options. For the record, online donations are possible via PayPal since 2014.
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21 August 2016

FreeMedForms Web site updated.
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26 June 2016

A new version : 0.9.8 is available.
Download center

10 May 2016

A new version : 0.9.7 is available.
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26 march 2016

A new version : 0.9.6 is available.
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